We love Kid's Harbor.  The staff is fantastic!

​- Krista Buracker 

 Kid's Harbor has been  such a blessing and gift from God  to our family!  Being work-  outside-of-the-home parents is so  hard, but  having great childcare  makes it so much easier and gives  us as parents  invaluable piece of  mind.

- Katie Welborn 

 Thank you, Kid's Harbor, for all that you do for our  children each and every day.  We are so blessed to be a  part of a daycare that shares the glorious Word of God  with our children.  We love you and our children love  you, too.

​- Chris and Brittany Lonas 

 If you choose Kid's Harbor, you can be sure  your kids will be LOVED.

​- Natalie Lawrence 

  Our daughter has a smile on her face when we get  here in the morning and when we pick her up!  Knowing she is loved while she is here makes us so  happy! 

- Jamie Calcagno-Roach

 Kid's Harbor Preschool is  AWESOME!!  We have been  so happy with the loving care  and education our child  receives.  Thank you!

- Jeanine Wilson 

 It's wonderful to have a safe, caring, local  option for childcare we feel so good about.    It's a special feeling knowing he is being  loved and encouraged every day.

- Anonymous 

Our daughter stayed home with us for the first 16 months of her life we knew we wanted to get her into daycare for socialization and to be comfortable around people other than her dad and I. All of the teachers she has been blessed with have been absolutely amazing and so communicative. As a working mom, I feel GOOD about dropping my daughter off there everyday knowing she is happy, well cared for and loved by their staff. We could not have picked a better place than Kids Harbor and we are eternally grateful. 

- Tori Saadatmand 

Here's what some of our KH families and staff have to say about us...

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 Knowing my child is safe, learning, having fun, loved and surrounded with  Christ's love makes my heart so happy!  I never worry - I could  not be  more satisfied with Kid's Harbor!  The staff is nothing but amazing!

​- Becky Gant 

 You guys rock!  

​- Erica Martin 

 You know the feeling when you drop your kid off with your best friend and you have no concern that they’ll be cared for and loved on the entire time you’re gone? That’s dropping your kid off at Kids Harbor, every single day, in any given classroom. Their Godlight shines through all they do and you couldn’t ask for more genuine people to care for not only your child, but your entire family! 

​- Danielle Ropp 

 Awesome program!  Wonderful teachers!  I  am so blessed to have Kid's Harbor touch the  lives of my children each day!

- Kelly Blosser 

 My girls absolutely love Kid's  Harbor!  I feel like they are  in wonderful hands when I leave  them.  All of the staff are so  caring and always know us  by name (even if they aren't their  teacher)!

- Ashley Myers